Symbiotic lab


Meta Morphosis 2022

We invite you to participate in this year's MetaMorphosis and catch a glimpse from an insect's perspective

The event includes a impulse by insect ecologist  Esteban Menares, two action groups, and the audiovisual performance as the final event. Our aim is to explore the landscape and habitats of insects on site in an experimental way.

In Biesenthal we want to let ourselves be guided by our curiosity and fascination, try out new artistic practices and develop a common relation to the place.  

With Esteban Menares and Jakob Kukula we create a site-specific art object.
As an insect habitat the sculpture does not remain in the moment of visualisation, but regeneratively embeds itself in the surrounding biotope. Afterwards an audiovisual art performance by Xaver Hirsch, Ben Meerwein and Jakob Kukula serves as a final event.

A metamorphotic journey.

*If you can not pay the 20€ please write to us at, we will find a solution.

We are looking forward to see you there!

Project Direction - Jakob KukulaArtistic Direction - Xaver Hirsch, Ben Meerwein, Jakob Kukula
Research Lead -Esteban Menares Publication - Leoni Fischer, Maximilian Mauracher
Publication Design - ENTKUNSTUNG Photography - Theresa Maria Forthaus  Curation - Symbiotic Lab

MetaMorphosis is a project by Symbiotic Lab in cooperation with ENTKUNSTUNG, ArtBiesenthal and IM NIRGENDWO Berlin. Funded by Brandenburgische Gesellschaft für Kultur und Geschichte gGmbH

Throwback to the first MetaMorphosis at Sommerhaus Ammersee (2021)